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Lore by Alexandra Bracken Review

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From the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Darkest Minds comes a sweepingly ambitious, high-octane tale of power, destiny, love and redemption.

3 Stars

This was just okay to me.
I would agree with other reviewers that liken this to a Greek Mythology type Hunger Games. I enjoyed the premise: every seven years, in what is called the Agon, the gods are stripped of their immortality, and hunted by the descendants of the ancient bloodlines (the hunters). The hunters seek to kill the old gods, and in doing so, gain their powers and immortality, becoming the new god. Lore is one of the last living of the house of Perseus and fled that life after losing her family to the last Agon and has been successfully living under the radar in New York. Until an old childhood friend tracks her down asking for help and Athena shows up bleeding on her doorstep. Lore is reluctantly forced back into the hunt and forms a bond with Athena to kill the Wrath, the false Ares and end the Agon forever.

Although I enjoyed the story, this book took me a while to get through because I just didn’t feel connected to any of the characters. I liked them okay, but I wasn’t emotionally invested, and didn’t really care that much about them. I also at times felt like there was too much going on, and that it was too fast-paced–too much info with not enough development. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect and different take on Greek Mythology, but I just felt too disconnected to love this one.

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